Fall Wardrobe Tips

Here at NOOR COUTURE, the change of seasons always feels exciting. As August draws to an end, we will soon be saying goodbye to hot, humid weather and long days. While still a good transition from summer, September welcomes milder temperatures as the days get shorter. This means we need to reevaluate our wardrobes for the coming cooler months. It might seem strange to be thinking of layers and cozy fabrics already while in most parts of the country highs have been surpassing 90 degrees, but the thought of the approaching crisp fall air is very enticing   Not only that, it feels like the entire world is done with summer and moving into fall. Fall colors are awash in every store with the prominent shades being burgundy, camel, mustard, and royal blue.

Here at Noor Couture while we get ourselves autumn ready, we thought we’d share some tips to help get you ready as well:

  1. Unpack/air out your fall and winter clothing – If you’re like us then as soon as that thermostat started rising this summer, you were packing away your sweaters, coats and heavier clothing to make space in your closet. Well it’s time to get it all out again! Unpack your garments and see what condition they are in. Give them a good shake and air them out; being tightly folded for several months can cause clothing to become misshapen or severely wrinkled. Odds are everything will need to be rewashed (or dry cleaned) and ironed/steamed before they can be worn again. When you’re finished, your garments will be fresh and ready to be added back to your wardrobe.
  2. Give each piece in your wardrobe a serious evaluation – Now comes the hard part: the keep or not to keep debate. Fashion is fickle and trends are ever-changing. It is more than likely that any overly trendy garments won’t be in line with this season’s fashions. Also, naturally clothing wears down over time and can become damaged. The beginning of a new season is a good time to go through your clothing and make decisions about what to keep. First, decide if it still fits your lifestyle. Does it fit in with your work wardrobe? Can you wear it on your days off? Is it perfect for university? Assess each piece with your lifestyle in mind and decide if you’ll actually wear it. Second, Assess any damage incurred to your pieces: holes, fading, discoloration, stains that can’t be washed out, and general wear. Once you decide what can be donated, what to keep, and what simply must be thrown out, then you can work on organizing and planning your freshened fall wardrobe.
  3. Don’t forget about what you already have! – When a new season starts, it’s easy to get carried away with the latest fashions. We run out and buy it all, not anticipating that we might end up becoming tired of it in only a few months, which leads to a wasteful consumption. Our suggestion here is simple: enjoy the fresh new looks, but don’t forget to incorporate your existing options. Lay out the key pieces you love & decide what additions will make your wardrobe up to date and totally YOU. You would be surprised to see what versatility can be created with what you already have. Finding ways to combine your current fashions with the season’s latest will ensure you’re staying on trend but also getting use out of all your garments.

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