About Us


WELCOME to your first choice for high-quality, professional hijab that is current and sophisticated.

WHY did I start NOOR COUTURE? Well, I was frustrated trying to find chic, modest outfits without exhausting searches for the pieces that would make it truly "modest" by our meaning of the word. So, I started designing my own clothes & the response was overwhelmingly positive. In response, I launched NOOR COUTURE.

Did you ever wonder what goes into creating the apparel you see on NOOR COUTURE? It all starts with an inspiration, an idea, that evolves into the designs you see on these pages.

First, I work with pattern maker with 40 years of experience to create the foundational pattern for each piece. Every original pattern is carefully crafted to create chic modest designs. Our patterns are carefully developed to ensure that the signature features you seek are present: Quality fabrics, a high neck-line, good fit through the shoulders, loose bodice, slit-free long skirts without bulk in the waist or hips, and wide-leg comfortable pants. When the first draft is complete, a muslin is made- a sample of inexpensive fabric to see if the vision has been realized. If not, the sample is tweaked and the changes are made to the pattern. When it’s just right, a sample made of production fabric is made then worn to ensure comfort and ease of care. Once it passes the stress test, the master pattern goes to a technical person who uses it to make all the requested sizes.

Now, it’s ready for production, then on its way to your closet.

Be assured, careful consideration has gone into each design to bring you the perfect blend of style and modesty with comfort of fit and wearability. No more layering, no more frustrating shopping trips trying to match the different elements of your wardrobe. You’ll find it all here at NOOR COUTURE.