It’s hard to find a business suit that is all that we need. Don’t get me wrong; there are a lot of beautiful business suits out there, a lot of nice professional wear. But… the skirt has a slit, or it’s too tight and the next size up looks like a sack, or it’s great but has short sleeves. Maybe you love the color and jacket, but it comes with pants and you only wear skirts.

NOOR COUTURE is made with the needs of women like you in mind, and now with the new Special Order and Bespoke Suits, you can choose your own options, or choose to have a suit custom fit individually for you.


If standard sizes fit you, the SPECIAL ORDER option is for you. It allows you to order the features you want without going through fittings.

  1. Choose your color.
  2. Choose the size of the jacket.
  3. Enter the length of the sleeve
  4. Choose whether you want pants or a skirt.
  5. If skirt, how long do you want it? Enter length.
  6. If pants, how long should they be? Enter inseam length.
  7. Submit order. 6-8 weeks delivery.


The COUTURE option is more involved. This option is for women who want an individually fitted garment. It involves:

  1. An initial session to be measured
  2. Adjustment of the pattern to fit your specific measurements
  3. The making of a muslin (a mock-up in inexpensive fabric)
  4. An initial fitting, and if needed, a subsequent fitting of the muslin
  5. Another fitting of your basted suit. This is usually the last time any changes must be made.
  6. A final fitting to ensure exact fit