Bespoke Order- Created to Fit Only You

The BESPOKE option is more involved.

This option is for women who want their garment made to a precise fit, only for them. It involves:

  1. You come for your initial visit. You will be measured and any special needs will be noted.
  2. We adjust the pattern to fit your specific measurements and needs.
  3. We make a muslin for you (a mock-up in inexpensive fabric).
  4. You come back and try on the muslin. Any changes to the fit are made.
  5. We make your suit with the chosen fabric using a baste stitch. This allows us to make any last minute changes.
  6. You have a final fitting of your suit.
  7. We finish the final work on your suit. You love it!
  8. Your couture suit is ready to be shipped to you and worn.